Devon Falls Series

Welcome to Devon Falls

Welcome to Devon Falls, founded in 1784 by four families with one goal: to find a town where they can live without their special gifts coming to light. The Stevens families were master bakers from France with an affinity for magic, the Dracon families owned a hotel in London and were shape-shifters, the Sinclair families were skilled in the art of building in Germany and were dream walkers, and the Craven families were talented musicians from Russia with an ability to manipulate the elements. They all found freedom and contentment to use their gifts in the new town they called Devon Falls. As the years passed, the families grew and expanded. Love blossomed among the residents and the many newcomers, and the town flourished.

Books in the series:

Book 1: Love 's Sweet Magic
Paranormal Erotic Romance, Holiday

Available at Fireborn Publishing / ibooks / Smashwords

Jenna Stevens has given up on love and when Marc du Bree walks into her Candy Shop, she finds someone worth risking her battered heart...that is if she can take that risk.

Book 2: Passion's Embrace
Paranormal Erotic Romance, Light Bondage Scene, Holiday

Available at Fireborn Publishing / Amazon / ibooks / Smashwords

With the help of a charity fundraiser, Raven DeMarco is set up to find Mr. Right on Valentine's Day. The problem is, she's already found Mr. her dreams. Now, she needs to find the sexy man in real life.

Book 3: Shattered Magic
Paranormal Romance, Dragon Shifter. Holiday

Available at Fireborn Publishing / Amazon / ibooks / Smashwords

A dragon shifter returns to Devon Falls to woo back his mate amid secrets from the past. Can a past full of heartbreak and pain heal amid the power of a second chance at love?

Book 4: Moon Kissed Magic
Paranormal Erotic Romance, Wolf Shifter, Holiday

Available at Fireborn Publishing / Amazon / Smashwords / ibooks

A wolf shifter finds that falling in love is not the only problem he has. He has to convince Jaxon, his soul mate, his love is true.

Book 5: To Stir a Tiger's Heart
Paranormal Erotic Romance, White Tiger Shifter
Available at Publisher /Amazon

A were-tiger needs to convince one stubborn woman she is his for all time, but to do so he has to face his fear of possibly losing her at the same time.

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