Sunday, May 21, 2017

What I am Working on next

I got my edits in for Moonlight Masquerade, my single MM Short Story. I am now getting Devon Falls 4 book in order to submit to my publisher. I am tweaking much of it and adding to the story as well as changing the title to complement the story.

Devon Falls 5 is now called To Stir a Tiger's Heart (working title).

I may or may not go with this...we'll see how it sits when I am done but here is working taste of the story...

Dixie Sinclair had just about had it with happy people, especially those happy people in relationships. She shook her head as the coffee maker decided to go on the fritz again and tried to keep her temper as the coffee machine sputtered out a few drops for the customer waiting at the counter. It had been one of those days where anything that went wrong did, and not in tiny amounts but a really big “I should have crawled back into bed and pulled the covers over my head” amount.
“What the hell is going on in this town? Everyone need a coffee fix or something lately?” Dixie muttered as she tried to get the temperamental coffee machine to work. Short of beating it with a crow bar, which she didn’t think the health department would approve of, this pain-in-thearse machine was going to be the death of her, she was sure of it. It had to be some kind of cosmic conspiracy among machines.

Finally, the damn thing started working again. Dixie got the last customer his decaf and slid down on the stool, glaring at the coffee machine. Every inch of her five-foot frame hurt, from her head to her toes. Who knew making coffee could be such a pain in the ass? 


And I can say I absolutely adore Dixie :-) 

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