Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Upcoming Release- Moon Kissed Magic (Devon Falls 4)

Moon Kissed Magic
Devon Falls 4
Paranormal Erotic Romance, Wolf Shifter
Fireborn Publishing
Release date: March 24th, 2017

A wolf shifter finds that falling in love is not the only problem he has. He has to convince Jaxon, his soul mate, his love is true.

For wolf shifter Rod Dracon, finding his destined mate just got harder. For the woman his wolf wants is none other than Jaxon Sinclair. A woman who sneers and quips about his life but he can't deny she calls to him on a primal level. Now the problem is…this wolf shifter has to claim his mate before she walks away…forever.

Short Teaser:

Jax didn't want to think of Rod after her night spent washing wishes but her thoughts seemed not to bother following her wishes tonight. Each time she was at the bar, that lothario had women draped all over him like leeches and yet he hadn't hit on her since that one night of drunken monkey sex in high school.
Honestly, she had more than one brain cell, unlike some of the women he took home. Even though she enjoyed the way his jeans hugged his tight ass and the way his muscles bunched under his t-shirt, Jax knew better than to contemplate a night with the "stud master", the nickname she gave him after years of hearing about his conquests. It was enough to see him at the local hotspots working his wiles on the women, and whenever she got near him, he acted like she was cramping his style.
Sighing, she tossed her shoes in the corner, grabbed some water, walked into her bedroom, and sank on the edge of her bed. She hated dishes as well as men who thought they were all that and a bag of chips. What is it with men who think they need to add one more notch on that bedpost? Jax tossed her clothes into the corner. She wrinkled her nose at the stale beer and smoke smells that wafted from them.
Slowly she made her way to the shower and tried to figure out why she was bothered by the way the cheap floozies immediately spied Rodrick and flew to his side. It was enough to make her ashamed to be a woman. Jax stepped inside the shower and tried to erase the sight of not one, not two, but three women draped all over Rod.
She soaped down and let the hot water ease her aches.
She muttered, "If I am ever that desperate to get laid again, I hope someone just shoots me to put me out of misery. I may have enjoyed that one wild night in high school but he sure didn't care. He left that morning without a goodbye and I'm definitely not interested in him anymore. He needs to learn that someday he will find a woman who will say no and mean it. Then I will laugh uncontrollably at the irony of it all."
Jax got out of the shower and yawned. She turned off the lights and padded naked to the bed. Drawing the sheets over her, she yawned as she watched the shadows dance in the moonlight against her walls. I wonder if I will ever see Rodrick work to win not just a woman's body but also her heart as well. He needs to learn that women are not just play toys for him. If that happens, I am going to cheer and hope she has better sense than I did. She punched her pillow and settled into sleep.
"He needs to be taught a lesson," Jax mumbled before sleep took over.

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