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Moonlight Masquerade is out!!!!

So excited to see my first MM book, Moonlight Masquerade, is now out among the masses from Fireborn Publishing.

You can get it at the publisher for just a low price of $0.99.
*tosses confetti*
I hope you enjoy Skylar's story as he finds out just who his secret admirer is and if he can let love into his bruised and battered heart again.
Skylar hates Valentine's Day, especially after a nasty breakup. A secret admirer confuses but intrigues him. Skylar has to let down the walls he's put up and discover if his admirer is the one who will heal his battered heart. It's Valentine's weekend. For Skylar Everclear, it's a holiday he wishes he could forget. Now, mysterious roses keep popping up on his doorstep, he has no idea what is going on, and he's a little disturbed by this secret admirer of his. Trying to forget it all, since he just got rid of the latest in a line of loser boyfriends, Skylar just wants to do his job at the local bakery. When he meets his new neighbor…

Book Spotlight~ Surrender Agreement by DF Krieger

Surrender Agreement--Mistress May I Book 2 D. F. Krieger (Self Published) LGBT (Lesbian) BDSM Romance
Whoever said life kicks you when you’re down certainly knew what they were talking about. Homeless? Check. Humiliated? Double check. Hurting? Hell yes. Deserving of the fallout? All I can say is you reap what you sow.

So, what’s left when life leaves you with nothing? 

For me, it started with reuniting with my Master…even if that epitomizes a deal with the devil. That’s exactly what I did too. I lost everything for him, including myself. When even the devil abandoned me, though, what else was I supposed to do except take the one out I’m given. She cautioned me that it means I'll have to give up everything. Can't she understand I've nothing left to lose? The only thing I have to offer is my surrender—and all my scars—to my new Mistress.

**NOTE: The page count does not accurately reflect the final product's page count. This page count reflects the pre-order product only, not th…