I am at Coffee Time Reviews today

I'm at Coffee Time Reviews dishing about my latest book, To Stir a Tiger's Heart and answering the question- what do I do when a character decides to do a 360 on me while I am writing? :-)

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To Stir a Tiger's Heart is out!!!

My book is out *happy dance time* Check out To Stir a Tiger's Heart (Devon Falls 5) and get swept away by a tiger shifter who finds his mate in Devon Falls and has to figure out how to woo her amid secrets of his past.

A were-tiger needs to convince one stubborn woman she is his for all time, but to do so he has to face his fear of possibly losing her at the same time.
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Devon Falls 5 has a cover!!!

Check out this gorgeous cover. I found the masquerade picture at Jimmy Thomas' website, and it was a perfect fit for this story as it has a Halloween masquerade ball in it. 
Check out the cover for To Stir a Tiger's Heart...

Gorgeous don't ya think? :-) 
I am awaiting a release date next and will update you as soon as I can on that once I find out. 
But a little tease for the next Devon Falls book to wet your imagination *grins*
Dixie Sinclair had just about had it with happy people, especially those happy people in relationships. She shook her head as the coffeemaker decided to go on the fritz again and tried to keep her temper as the machine sputtered out a few drops for the customer waiting at the counter. It had been one of those days where anything that went wrong did, and not in tiny amounts but a really big "I should have crawled back into bed and pulled the covers over my head" amount. "What the hell is going on in this town?…

Devon Falls 5 is DONE!!!!

*cues happy dance time*
The fifth book in my paranormal series Devon Falls is done!! 
I loved writing Dixie and Michael's story and hope you enjoy it as well.

This one features a rare white tiger shifter and a woman who isn't a size 2. :-) 

I just submitted it to my publisher and will keep you updated once I know what is going on. 

Next up....time to figure out book six. :p

My New Author Logo

I absolutly adore this new logo for my author name. Liv at Liv's Lovely Designs did it for me and I just fell in love with it. Take a look below and let me know what you think. 

My new tagline is: Writing about love in all its forms

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Moonlight Masquerade is out!!!!

So excited to see my first MM book, Moonlight Masquerade, is now out among the masses from Fireborn Publishing.

You can get it at the publisher for just a low price of $0.99.
*tosses confetti*
I hope you enjoy Skylar's story as he finds out just who his secret admirer is and if he can let love into his bruised and battered heart again.
Skylar hates Valentine's Day, especially after a nasty breakup. A secret admirer confuses but intrigues him. Skylar has to let down the walls he's put up and discover if his admirer is the one who will heal his battered heart. It's Valentine's weekend. For Skylar Everclear, it's a holiday he wishes he could forget. Now, mysterious roses keep popping up on his doorstep, he has no idea what is going on, and he's a little disturbed by this secret admirer of his. Trying to forget it all, since he just got rid of the latest in a line of loser boyfriends, Skylar just wants to do his job at the local bakery. When he meets his new neighbor…